Friday, May 28, 2010

Super Hero Clock Series - Super Hero Is Back In Action!!

I know my blog has been rather boring because of all those posts about Metaphysical and supernatural mumbo jumbo.  So I thought it would be nice to post about some fun stuff.

Ok there's gonna be a series for the flash movie Super Hero Clock.  In case you guys out there haven't watched the first movie yet, well, it's about a guy who's normal guy by day and super hero by night and unaware of it himself.  The scene starts off with a guy snoozing his head of and his clock shows that it's like 2 in the morning.  Then the scene switches to 2 thieves robbing a jewel store by the street.  The were getting away when the clock struck, and a a mysterious thing came crashing into them in the middle of the street.  And there stood in between them an enigmatic purple man with his face covered in blue and a glowing clock on his chest.

The thieves make a run for it but they got warped to the top of a building.  The hero appears before them and they knew they had no where else to run to so they had no choice but to fight!  Sword fight!  Swoop! Clash! Thwak! Klank!  The thieves were no match.  One of the thieves got frustrated and pulled out a gun and shot the hero point blank.

Cut scene.  A window of an apartment lit up.  A damsel shows up behind the curtains and catches the jewel store crime scene and calls the cops.  Cut scene again.  The thief with the gun trembles with a dropped jaw as he stares at the floating bullets at the hero's palm.  The other thief, speechless, motionless.  The hero lets go of the bullets letting them drop on the ground.  The clock on his chest began to glow and the bullets that bounced off the ground stuck in midair.  Then a void opened up and there was a loud "DONG!" of the clock.  The scene switches back to the damsel.  She looks out of the window as the cops arrive a the jewel store just to find 2 knocked out thieves in front of it.  Just then, a shadow dashes past the damsel's window.  She opened the window and gazed in the direction the figure went and saw a bright star in the sky that soon faded out.

The next scene shows the next morning with a normal busy city.  The guy (hero) wakes up and finds himself on the floor with his clock in hand.  This time it shows 8 in the morning.  Still not fully awake, he sits up and scratches his head probably wondering how he ended up on the floor.  He then replaces his clock on his desk.  Cut scene.  The hero stands on top of a building and watches over the city.  Logo rolls in.  The End.

Well, it's more realistic if you watch it.

I don't know when the series will be released but I hope that it'll be great.