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Not Feng Shui - A True Blue Story, Seriously! Part-1

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Recently I have been through a lot, and I mean A LOT.  "A lot of what?" you may ask.  Well, it's quite a story to tell and it has something to do with Feng Shui and something NOT Feng Shui.  Anyway, here's my story.

For the past 2 years, my family and I have been looking for a good home to live in.  We lived in a small apartment since I was small.  Now that me and my brother have grown up, and there was only one bedroom in that apartment, it got really squeezy and besides, that apartment is like decades old and I heard from the tenants living on the highest floor experiencing leaks and ceiling material falling on them.  What's worst, petty, busy-bodies and smoking punks all around the apartment just outside our doorstep.  Thus began our house hunt.

Ok, it's really gonna get long from here so let me summarize.  We did 2 house hunts.  The first one was when we still living in the squeezy apartment.  From that hunt, we found a bigger, quite new apartment for rent.  And the second one was a year, let me repeat, A YEAR after we moved into the bigger apartment we found.  That second hunt led us to the house I'm living in now.  I have never experienced such an abrupt change in my home in the history of my life! (or at least as much as I can recall)  I'm still not sure if there's gonna be a 3 house hunt.  Anyway, here's the real part of my story.

After our first hunt, we were happy to find a new housing estate with new blocks of apartments to move to.  We thought it was indeed a superb home for us.  That estate had a parameter barricade and a guard booth for security.  It even had a commercial center across the street from the estate and facilities that includes a swimming pool.  It was like the total opposite of our small, wrecked apartment with no security and facilities.  My brother believed in Feng Shui and had some knowledge about it.  So he even did some Feng Shui-ing for the apartment we were gonna rent and found that it wasn't bad at all.  So we moved in ASAP.

At first, it was paradise.  No punks.  No petty people, busy-bodies, no nothing bad at all.  It was peaceful.  My brother even experienced a boost in profits in his online business!  That caused him to think that that apartment's Feng Shui was so good.  In fact, too good to be true!  On the other hand, we had some difficulties at first too but we just took those as just normal thing that everyone would experience when moving to a new home.  As for me, I was struggling with college... those damned days...  I was glad I finally graduated... Anyway back to the story.

After 6 months or so, on the first day of Chinese New Year the following year, my brother lost his profit stream.  I was like "What?!".  And he was totally slumped and devastated.  I could never forget that look he had on his face at that moment.  All the hard work in about 2 years just gone overnight.  Luckily he had another small source of income that could support us.  My parents are retirees.  Then he thought maybe his knowledge of Feng Shui wasn't good enough and maybe he overlooked a crucial flaw in the apartment.  So we decided to consult a real Feng Shui master instead.

My brother and I were both skeptical about it at first because we know that that Feng Shui master does the regular place-special-item-for-good-feng-shui thing and according to what both of us learned from the internet and Joey Yap's books, Feng Shui doesn't involve placing trinkets and statues to better it.  Well, just as a word of credit, we got our Feng Shui knowledge mostly from Joey Yap's Feng Shui books and those books are just great for those who want to know about Feng Shui.  (Thanks for the great books, Joey!)  Back to the story.  When it comes to Feng Shui, at that time, we admitted that we were just a bunch of amateurs.  So we consulted the Feng Shui master anyway.  At the end of the consult, as we expected, we were advised to place things here and there.  We did, for the goodness sake.  Personally, I felt no difference at all but I still couldn't say.  My brother, did feel at ease for some time.  His small income stream got a little bigger but things were still not right.  My brother started complaining about his health and my mom got more agitative and built up quite a temper.  For mom, that was quite normal for me and I always tried to cool her down but end up adding more oil to the fire instead.  As for my brother, he had totally changed.

Throughout the whole or the other half of the year of living there, things got from bad to worse,  we even bought more of those so called Feng Shui ornaments to put in our home but it just keeps getting worse.  Honestly, I didn't feel anything beside the tension build-up between my family members.  Due to my brother's discomfort in his health, we even made trips out of town to see a chiropractor.  This one's for real because my brother had quite bad scoliosis.  Thanks to that chiropractor from Taiwan, he's a lot better now. (another word of credit here :D)

Then at the end of that 1 year of living there, my mom started complaining about her health.  It got me down right damn worried.  "Mom too?!  No!".  Here sickness got me sleepless nights because she complained that her lungs felt uneasy and she coughed out blood.  We consulted a specialist about mom's condition and results sounded like the doctor was even unsure himself.  I didn't know who to turn to so I surfed and combed the whole Internet for answers.  My brother did the same too and we often ended up on the same website.  All that searching gave me the knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine a.k.a TCM.  And out of all I found, mom's case matched those of severe heatstroke that caused a nerve to rupture and bleed, in short, epistaxis.  I didn't actually see the amount of blood she coughed out so I just advised her to get more rest and eat more cooling foods to dispel the heat in the body so that she won't have another rupture.

She did did what I told her and it stopped for a while.  But then it came back again.  The same thing all over.  Like the Feng Shui case, we decided to consult a Chinese physician.  But this time, I was right.  It was heat stroke.  "Hey, not bad.  I can do TCM.", I thought.  (I'm not crediting myself here, ok... Or maybe I should. :P)  So she took the herbs she got from the Chinese physician.  Then... she coughed blood again!  "No way!"

 - to be continued in part 2 - 

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