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Not Feng Shui - A True Blue Story, Seriously! Part-4

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After trashing 400 buck overnight, my family and I thought that now that the source of our misery had been gotten rid off for good, things are gonna be good for real this time.  Well, things really did start to get better.  I was able to sleep peacefully and my brother became a more cheerful like his old self.  Mom's knee was still aching.  We thought that was nothing because she used to complain about knee aches years ago.  So we hoped that it can recover now that there are no more 'disturbances'.  But if nothing else happened after that, I wouldn't have typed a "Not Feng Shui - A True Blue Story, Seriously! Part-4", right?

Throughout the few days after throwing away all the Feng Shui items, dad started acting up.  We frequently acted like a mean badass when actually he had the wrong points about things all the time.  My mom's knee ached.  Mom said there definitely was something wrong as her knee would recover after taking supplements for three days.  Then my brother complained about his ankle being swollen and feeling discomfort in his lower abdomen.  But this time, he had more conscience in him and did suspect that it was still some spirit at work.  As for me, although I slept better at night, I would wake up like a bear with a sore head and start getting a little moody at little things.  I could sense something but it just couldn't be.  All the haunted objects were gone but things just got a little better but didn't go back to normal.  Since day one of our haunting, we had somehow become experienced in this.  We knew there was still something wrong so mom suggested meeting with the psychic again.  I didn't go because I thought I was fine now that I could fall asleep properly.

It was a morning when my brother and parent went to meet the psychic once more.  During the meeting, the psychic revealed that all 4 of us were tainted.  For my brother and my parents, he said that it happened when dad opened the pagoda and let out all the dirt.  That sort of released whatever was occupying the pagoda.  That thing affected my brother and mom and the residue made a direct hit at my dad since he was the one that opened the pagoda. That caused him to have a black patch in front of his face, according to what the psychic saw.  I wasn't there when the pagoda was opened so my case was definitely something else.  According to the psychic, I was followed by an Iban girl and I had to do the regular drill and offer what she asked for.  The psychic sure is something.  He could even see what's wrong with me without even seeing me!  Anyway, the Iban girl asked for "Kolo Kueh Tiau" which is actually something similar to fried spaghetti.  My brother called me to tell me as soon as the psychic told him and my parents about it.  I'll get to my case later on.

For my brother and parents, they had to make some offerings.  The psychic also told us to bath floral water to cleanse ourselves.  Making the offerings took whole morning.  A tiny part of it was actually about dad being scolded for being such a troublemaker.  After making the offerings, mom's knee recovered like magic.  Brother's discomfort in his lower gut and ankles were gone.  Dad just had to take the floral bath to rid himself off the 'dark cloud'.  At the time my brother told me about the Iban girl, it made me remember 2 dreams I had about a week from then and they were about an Iban girl.  I wasn't sure if it was the same Iban girl but here's what it was all about.  In the first dream, I dreamed about an Iban girl came to me telling me that she was ill and wanted my help on how to eat to get healthy.  I then told her to eat more vegetables with rice and less meat.  In the second dream, it was like a second meet-up with her.  I asked her if she was fine and she told me that she smoked.

When my parents and brother came home that morning after making the offerings, I told my mom about the 2 dreams I had about an Iban girl.  Come to think of it, my case was like my brother's case about him dreaming about a guy telling him that he was being helped with gaining profits (that can be found in part 2).  My mom strongly suspected that it was the same Iban girl.  At that time, the dream was still quite clear to me and I could describe almost every single detail of that girl.  She was no doubt not an adult.  She looked like she was in her teens.   She had short, curly hair and, if I wasn't mistaken, also wearing glasses.  She looked a lot like a schoolmate of my back at high school but I was sure it wasn't really her.  Mom couldn't ask the psychic about my dream because the he had a busy schedule that afternoon.  So we decided to ask him the following day.  That evening, I just offered the Kolo Kueh Tiau like what the psychic told me to do.

Come to think of it, I got really puzzled by 3 things.  First, that girl couldn't have come from the pagoda. I had those dreams days before that pagoda got discarded.  Then if it really was something from the pagoda, the psychic would have spotted it without even looking at my palms the first time he saw me.  Second, I couldn't figure out when she started haunting me.  I was guessing it was quite recent at that time but I just couldn't be sure.  And third, why did she ask for my help?  Those really made me feel uneasy.  The next day, I actually thought of approaching the psychic to tell him my dream and ask him myself but mom said it wasn't necessary since he could detect the presence of the Iban girl without even seeing me.  So I just stayed while my mom went to see the psychic.  The psychic confirmed that it was the same girl in the dream that followed me.  He said she was really ill and she asked for a flu tonic and a bowl of rice with some cabbage.  So we went to a Chinese drug store to get the tonic and prepared the dish and offered it to her right at the spot where I offered her the Kolo Kueh Tiau.  I didn't know if that really sufficed but it seemed pretty clear that it would.

A few days after all that, my brother went to meditate again.  This time I went along because those three things about the Iban girl were still bugging me.  When I asked the psychic when she started haunting me and where it started, he said that she was too far to be traced and wasn't really worth knowing now that she's gone.  He had a point there so I just chucked that aside.  Then I asked him why she came to me for help.  The psychic said it was just a bad coincidence - like being picked by a snatch-thief to lose a handbag to.  So I came to a conclusion that it really wasn't anything big about it.  I just got unlucky.  And besides that, spirits like to take advantage of an uneasy heart.

From the first day all this started, I kept feeling worried about my family when I saw that they weren't like themselves.  I tried all I could to help them but I just end up failing or getting backfired.  All I could do was stand by hopelessly and watch them get more and more miserable day after day.  That made me develop an uneasy feeling in my heart that often affected my thoughts leaving me vulnerable to spirits.  I guess the Iban girl saw that part of me and worked on that.

So things are now really back to normal.  Oh and one evening my brother even brought his laptop with him to meditate to get it checked by the psychic because he always felt that his head was heavy when using it especially when looking at the screen.  The psychic said that there was a spirit of a Malay woman in that laptop.  He also said that that spirit nested in the laptop recently and it's form was only about the size of a thumb.  So he helped my brother get rid of it by chanting something while waving 3 joss-sticks over the laptop.  Then he told us that electronics, even CDs can get haunted.  And to keep them from coming, he advised us to stick some shiny red stickers on our belongings.  Besides, he also advised us to pray more often to sort of keep up our spirits so that the ghostly spirits don't get a chance at us.

So far, the house that I'm living in seems fine.  Life's got pretty normal already and we pray more often.  For those out there who read my story, I swear this is 100% true even though I don't reveal most of the names of the people involved, especially about the uneasy ground apartments and hauntings of stuff and of course the 400-buck trash too.  The reason why I'm typing this is because I just wanna wrap this whole thing up and dump it somewhere and get over with it as a thing of the past and never look back at it again.  Besides, this is also for you guys out there who are into Feng Shui objects.  BE CAREFUL.  You may not believe me but I'm speaking from experience here.  There ain't no such thing as Feng Shui objects that make Feng Shui better.  They are just for marketing purposes.  But if you really can't resist yourselves from buying those attractive stuff, make sure they are not mojo-ed through some ritual.

Well, that's about my tale.  - Fin - 

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