Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not Feng Shui! - A True Blue Story Revisited

This is the sequel of this story which I posted in my previous blog posts.  Well, personally, I really hope this is the last part and I think it should be (maybe I should call it 'Not Feng Shui! - The Final ... just kidding haha) because... well you'll know if you read it.  Besides, all this is getting old and I just wanna get over with it.

About more than a month has passed since the whole incident.  Everything really seemed to be normal.  Everybody, especially my brother, was feeling better.  After my brother's birthday, we headed out of town again to seek the chiropractic treatment.  We were there for 5 days and 4 nights and I found something interesting there.

All was good until recently when my brother started to feel weak and breathless again.  This time, we knew that it was definitely some spiritual disturbance again because my brother had no physical reason to be sick.  If it were something he ate, we would all be sick because we share the food we eat every meal!  My mom then asked my brother when he started to feel his sickness.  He then said that it came overnight.  We were all puzzled.  After a bit of thinking and recalling, my brother then realized that that sickly feeling always came after he used his laptop.  He also recalled that it was also after he bought that laptop that the whole spiritual incident started to happen.  And besides, he never felt good using that laptop.  He never even wanted to buy it in the first place but he had to because it had a slot for wireless modems.  Now that he's not using the wireless modem anymore because we're using an external modem for better a faster Internet connection, he felt like getting rid of it.  But all we could think of were speculations.  We still need confirmation.

So mom decided to consult the psychic about this.  That psychic said that there was a spirit of a guy disturbing my brother.  That spirit likes the laptop that my brother used.  He also said that, in spiritual terms, my brother's frequency somehow matches that laptop's frequency.  And whenever my brother uses that laptop, it triggers certain other frequency that attracts spirits.  He also added that the spirit of the guy of that laptop was always displeased with my brother using that laptop because he claims that laptop to be his and my brother using it was actually snatching it from him disturbs my brother for it.  Then my mom asked the psychic why I don't feel the same when I use that laptop.  The psychic then answered, in spiritual terms again, that my brother is more vulnerable for that spirit compared to me.  That's why I don't feel anything when I use that laptop.  Then he summarized that in my brother's case, that laptop served as some sort of gateway for spirit attraction and it would be best if he got rid of it ASAP.

Haunted laptop

Finally, the mystery was unfolded for real.  After about 5 months of our stay at that apartment at the uneasy ground, my brother bought that laptop.  After that, things started to happen.  This time we really believed it was caused by that laptop and were sure blaming the laptop wasn't creating a false cause fallacy.  Then it was completely logical that my brother using that laptop attracted all the spirits into out home because a 'gateway' was created every time my brother used that laptop.  And then when we moved to our current home, my brother felt okay when he chucked that laptop out of his room downstairs and used our other laptop.  So all in all, everything started with that laptop!

We decided to get rid of the laptop.  There, we paused a sec.  It's a laptop.  Something more expensive than twice the whole load of Feng Shui stuff we threw away due to what that it caused.  So we thought of giving it away instead.  But what if someone got 'lucky' to get a laptop out of the blue and get a queue of spirits after that?  Finally, we decided to give it to a friend of the psychic who also happened to be psychic because we figured that if the laptop starts acting up again, he'll know what to do.

Now that the laptop is gone, my brother seems more free, as in no more 'disturbances' kinda free.  He bought a desktop PC with Windows Vista and a fast 2GHz RAM and is pretty happy working with it.  I hope he stays like that.

Spiritual things really are unpredictable for us normal non-psychic humans.  Sometimes they are already there when you don't even know that it's there!  It can haunt you, swing your mood round the clock, change your diet, even change your looks for some serious cases!  However, humans can train to be more powerful to overcome them.  Even if they don't train, they can chant a protector chant that calls upon a protector that the spirits fear.  But nowadays, people are just too busy to even talk.  So if that's the case, at least try not to have a confused or an uneasy heart because that's what makes people vulnerable to hauntings.  That's about what the psychic said.

Oh and by the way, be careful when buying a laptop.

Talisman laptop skin

Although it looks like a good idea to have such a laptop skin like that one, it is not advisable because you can't paste talismans anywhere you like without consulting a taoist or a talisman expert.  I made that laptop skin just for fun.  Haha...

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