Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Spider's Diet - To Eat Or Not To Eat

Things are so far so good since the day my family moved to the current house we are staying in.  But unlike living in apartments, there is one uncomfortable difference - BUGS.  Well unlike apartments, houses are ground-leveled.  And because of that, bugs from all around can enter our house.  Now we get more mosquitoes, 24-7, ants, flies and even spiders - big ones!

A few days ago, my mom spotted a spider in the living room clenching something.  I went to check it out and there it was with it's catch of the day.  It actually caught a fly about its size but it wasn't eating it.  I seldom see spiders with such a big achievement and was actually feeling lucky to see one so I decided to snap a picture of it.

Spider's catch of the day!

For people who get goosebumps at the sight of bugs, this might probably make their hairs stand on ends as well and probably think of this spider when they are having their meals.  Haha... don't sweat it.  I know it looks creepy at that size but actually it's really not that.  Sometimes things give different impressions when they are in different sizes.  That's what I thought so I decided to take a close up picture of it.

Spider looking at camera

If you see it as-is, it still seems small.  The origninal size of this picture is 848x558 pixels.  The white spot on top of it is the reflection of the living room light on the ceiling.  But anyway, just look at this furry little itsy-bitsy cutie.  It was having part of the fly between it's mandibles when it looked up at my camera for a snapshot.  You can actually see it's 2 front compound eyes looking innocently at you.  What a pose for a bug!

After I took its picture, it crawled away to the corner of the living room.  My mom and I thought, "The fly is almost as big as it is.  How's it gonna eat they fly?"  That actually gave me a funny imagination of what that spider would look like if it really DID swallow the whole fly.  But my mom and I really didn't know what was gonna happen next.  Probably that spider was also going through its worst predicament in its life.  To eat or not to eat.....  

The next day, when I was sweeping the floor, I found the fly on the floor of that corner of my living room.  The spider was nowhere to be found.  I guess it took the bitter better choice.


Anonymous said...

Spiders generally eat other bugs by secreting a venom that digests their soft insides while leaving the exoskeleton relatively intact.
Afterwards the spider absorbs this semidissolved goop from the bug using its mandibles.

That is why you get little shrivled balls of exoskeleton after a bug is eaten by a spider.

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