Friday, November 27, 2009

Top 10 Ways On How To Learn Correct English

English was, is and, I think, always known as an international language.  Wherever you go, you're gonna need it somehow.  So English is indispensable especially for those who wish to travel.  For me, English ain't a problem.  (If not I won't be able to type all the blog posts I have so far)  But for those out there who are trying hard to learn English, or those like me but still seek English reference once a while, I've written this post of 10 ways to learn correct English specially for them.  Okay! Let's start the count!

  1. Buy a bilingual dictionary that translates words in your language to English and vice-versa and start reading it.
  2. If you are a beginner (I actually mean noob kind of beginner but I just wanted to save the offense), start recognizing and trying to read simple English words wherever you go.  Start with 3-letter English words and slowly increase the length as you get more familiar with English words.  This helps builds basic English vocabulary.  If you come across a word that you don't know, refer to your bilingual dictionary or ask someone who knows to teach you about that word.
  3. Join English classes.  It helps a lot more when there's someone there to teach you and others to discuss with.  But you have to be careful because some English teachers are not qualified to teach English and may even make English mistakes and teach wrong things about English.
  4. Read, read, read.  Look for anything like books, magazine, ads and product labels written in English and read them.  Reading English can help you know more about the structure of the language and its grammar.  This can also give you a boost in English vocabulary.
  5. Listen to lots of English speeches.  You can watch English movies, play English video games or even catch English advertisements on TV. When you are listening to them, pay attention to pronunciation and intonation. Make sure you pick a media that has a level of English that suits you.  For starters, pick the easy ones first.  During your free time, test yourself by asking yourself how to say words and phrases in English.
  6. Practice your English often.  Try forming sentences in English and say them out.  If possible, converse with them.  Don't be shy about making mistakes or afraid of making a fool out of yourself.  Just do your best.  It's okay to make mistake because you can learn better through experience and mistakes.
  7. Do not do direct translation when learning how to form English speeches or phrases.  English grammar may differ from grammar of other languages.  Direct translating can cause English sentences to sound awkward, be grammatically wrong or give your listeners the wrong meaning of what you want to say.
  8. When you are already good at basic English, you can start going into advanced English by picking books written in more advanced English.  Although English poetry is a good English reading material, I don't really recommend it because some contain archaic English that may seem confusing to readers especially those who are not very familiar with English.
  9. Have English references like notes, reference books or online websites or blogs that provide explanations and examples about English grammar like this one.  Although you seem like you know a part of English grammar correctly, it is always better to seek reference to make sure what you know is really correct.  This can boost your confidence in English and capability of committing English grammar to memory.
  10. Teach others English.  This only applies to those who are very good at English.  When teaching others who are weaker than you in English, you might discover a thing or two about English that you can be unsure of that you missed when learning English.  This is twofold because this way, you can help others avoid making such mistakes and at the same time, learn something new for yourself.

There you have it!  Learning new languages is always difficult at first but once you get used to it, it's actually kinda fun.  Hope this helps those who want to learn English.

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Mark_SW said...

I learn English approximately about one and half year. I know many words.. partually understand the speech, but forming sentences is difficult nevertheless.
I think the best way is to have a dialogue with those who knows English. Unfortunately I have not such possibility.
Maybe just one and half year is too short period..

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